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kids fiction ,  entertainment ,  6-9 ,  9-12

3 seasons | 39 episodes | 15 min

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Wannabes is a sitcom for a young audience (6-12) about a self-obsessed talking monkey who joins a bunch of wannabe video stars at Video King, a small company on a passionate chase for likes, followers and viral video hits. But the internet is a crowded jungle - even for a monkey - and the wannabes hardly stand out. Luckily, their clumsy pursuit of online fame has a heartwarming side-effect: offline friendship.

Don't look for 1000 likes, look for 1 friend who likes you.

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Target group

6-12 years

First broadcast

Jan 9, 2021

Broadcast period

S1: Q1 2021

S2: Q1 2022

S3: Q1 2023

Production company

Hotel Hungaria

Extra info

Wannabes is a spin off of the series Olly Wannabe