Love U Too

kids fiction ,  9-12

1 season | 20 episodes | 15 min

available as ready made

Love U Too is a sitcom that revolves around one big colourful family: grandma and grandpa, mum, dad and a stepdad, uncles, aunties, cousins and a dog. The series brings us heart-warming, recognizable and funny stories with, at the centre of it all, the story of Lou, a young girl with a passion for making TV programmes who has to divide her time between living with her mum and stepdad one week and her father the next.

The humour in Love U Too arises from the exaggeration of weaknesses and conflicting views on life. Recognizable themes underlie the jokes: uncertainty about what you post on social media, fitting in, getting dislikes, learning to go your own way as a child, learning to let go of your child as a parent, missing your family, finding your own place in two families if your parents are divorced, making mistakes, arguing and learning to make up, wanting your parents to be proud of you, pursuing your dreams, failing and trying again.

Love U Too uses a new and contemporary visual approach. With its mixture of handycam recordings, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, vlogs, TikToks and Zoom video chats. It appeals to kids because it uses their language. The characters ignore the fourth wall once in a while and talk into the camera, which creates an intimate atmosphere and is a great source of comedy.

Love U Too international brochure

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Original title

Ik u ook

Target group

9-12 years

First broadcast

Dec 7, 2020

Production company

Eyeworks Film & TV Drama


Nathalie Van Schelvergem & Peter Bouckaert


Brecht De Groot & Frederik Sonck


Jimmy Simons & Catherine Bayens


Danny Timmermans
Machteld Timmermans
Koen Monserez 
Ron Cornet
Anne-Mieke Ruyten
Sven De Ridder and his daughter Robin-Rosy
Bas Van Weert 
Sarah-Lynn Clerckx 

Extra info

New corona-proof production method with no direct contact between cast en crew (actor families + shooted in their homes)