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kids fiction ,  6-9 ,  9-12

3 seasons | 39 episodes | 23 min

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With his vintage walkman, Felix can listen to the past. Together with his best friends, he sets out to find answers about the mysterious death of his mother and discovers a secret environmental scandal. Chemical waste dumped illegally in the '80s threatens their town. How is all of this connected to his mother? Can Felix prevent an absolute disaster before it's too late?

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Original title



Serial scripted series
Adventure - mystery - humour - ecology

Target group


First broadcast

Sep 1, 2021

Broadcast period

Q3 2021 (S1) - 13x23'

Q3 2022 (S2) - 13x23'

2023 (S3) - 13x23'

Production company

De Mensen


Junes Callaert, Stan Van Samang, Ann Tuts, Arthur Hermans, Maja Azila, C├ęcile Enthoven

Licensed by

NRK - Norway

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