Privacy Policy

Who is responsible for the collection and use of my data?

The Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Company. The VRT is a limited liability company under public law, with registered office at Auguste Reyerslaan 52, 1043 Brussels, registered in the CBE with number 0244.142.664 (hereinafter referred to as “VRT”). This privacy policy applies to the personal data that VRT collects from you and uses when you visit the website Collecting and processing of your data is the responsibility of the VRT.


Why does the VRT collect personal data in the framework of the VRT Sales website?

VRT processes your data for the following purposes:

  • Provide (personalised) services: VRT occasionally requires your data to provide its services. Access to and use of the VRT Sales website is limited to professional content purchasing managers of broadcasters, streaming and online film, series and/or documentary suppliers and on-demand platforms, etc. Hence, in view of creating of a profile, identification is required.
    The online service of the website will also remember where you stopped viewing.
    Prior to using your personal data, VRT will sollicit your consent or enter into an agreement with you.
  • Statistical purposes: VRT also uses your data for statistical purposes, to analyse and improve the use and general operation of our website. In addition, collecting data helps VRT to ascertain what content is interesting for users.
    Sometimes VRT also invites you to participate in a survey. With the resulting insights VRT can not only keep improving its services and offer, but also create content that is made to measure for you. Before VRT collects your data, VRT will always sollicit your consent.
  • Discover new features: You can for example register for newsletters from VRT Sales. You can easily unsubscribe to our newsletters via your VRT Sales profile or the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every newsletter in your mailbox.
  • Detect and investigate  abuse: VRT also uses the data to prevent and detect abuse on or via VRT Sales website We do this to prevent and combat illegal practices and fraud. This always takes place on the basis of a legitimate interest of the VRT.


What data do the VRT collect from me?

Firstly, VRT collects your identification data. This information is collected by VRT when you provide your data directly to us when creating a VRT profile on the website

Secondly, VRT collects data on your use of the website Thus VRT acquires information on your use of the website. Thus VRT can monitor the term you have viewed a certain video, or when you have stopped viewing a video. This is useful information; with those insights VRT can adapt the online service to your needs and interests.

To gain insight into your use of the online service, VRT uses ‘cookies’. You can find out more about this in our cookie policy. The data that VRT collects via the cookies are log file data and device data:

  • Log file data are for example an IP address, pages opened, mouse clicks, the date and time of your online visit, your browser, and so forth.
  • Device data include the IP address, brand, type and operating system of the device that you use to view and surf on our website. Those data allow VRT to make a rough estimate of your location. VRT will only sollicit the information when it is useful for delivering the relevant service.


Securisation of my data with the VRT

Exchange of information via the internet is never entirely secure. Hackers and viruses are inevitably part of the internet. Therefore VRT can never entirely rule out loss of or unauthorised access to data. However VRT makes every effort to protect your data properly. VRT uses various security technologies and measures to ensure your privacy. Moreover, VRT evaluates those technologies and measures on a regular basis to ensure that the system is as resistant as possible to the newest viruses and malware. For this purpose VRT collaborates with specialist companies.


What third parties can receive my data?

VRT can transmit your data to the following categories of recipients:

  • Service providers: VRT transmits your data to its service providers. They provide support services such as infrastructure or IT services, carry out payment transactions via our services or conduct surveys. These service providers get access to certain data and information in the context of their assignment. They act only on our instructions and on our behalf. Thus they are not allowed to use your data for their own purposes. 
  • Government and authorities: VRT transmits your data to the government and authorities if that is legally required.


Does the VRT participate in automated decision-making with legal consequences or does it have profiles?

VRT does not participate in automated decision-making entailing legal consequences. This means that VRT never uses your data to make decisions that can have legal consequences or far-reaching consequences without any human intervention.


How can I check the data that the VRT holds of me?

At any time you can check your personal information. You have the following rights, which you can exercise in accordance with the conditions and modalities of European privacy legislation: 

  • the right of access to your data. That means that you can check the data VRT holds of you. You can check your data via your VRT Sales profile.
  • the right to rectification of your data. It could be that VRT holds data of you that are incorrect or no longer correct. You can then simply modify or correct your data via your VRT Sales profile.
  • the right to delete your data. If you no longer want VRT to store or use your data, you can delete your data with VRT. You can for example ask to have your VRT Sales profile and the related data deleted. VRT is not always required to erase your data upon your request. VRT is solely required to do so in the cases specified by the law.
  • the right to restriction of your data. You can request VRT to restrict the processing of your data. In that case VRT continues to store your data, but will limit the use thereof. That occurs for example when you believe that your data are inaccurate and you do not want VRT to process those data until they are modified. You also have this right when our retention or use of your data is unlawful, but you do not want VRT to delete the data. VRT is not always required to fulfil such requests. VRT is solely required to do so in the cases specified by law. Requests for restriction of your data can be sent to VRT via our general e-mail address,
  • the right to object to the use of your data. This means that you can object to the further use of your data by VRT. You can only do this when you have valid reasons that are related to your specific situation. VRT is not always required to accept such a request.
  • the right to object the use of your data for direct marketing purposes.This right can be exercised via the cookie settings. Please consult our cookie policy. You can also unsubscribe to newsletters. You unsubscribe via your VRT Sales profile or via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every newsletter in your mailbox.
  • You always have the right to withdraw your consent when the processing of your data is on the basis of your consent.
  • You have the right to data portability. This means that it is possible to transfer personal data from one processing controller to another, to copy or transmit the data. VRT is not always required to accept such request.

When you make one of the above requests, VRT may ask for additional information in order to check your identity.


How long does the VRT store my data?

VRT will  store your data no longer than is required for the stated purpose. If you should choose to no longer share your data with VRT, VRT will no longer use your data. VRT will however continue to store your data for two years in view of handling possible complaints or legal disputes. In that case your data are archived and have only limited accessibility. After that retention period has ended your data will of course be definitively deleted or anonymised.


Can this privacy policy change?

Pursuant to the request of our internal services or the modification of the legislation, this privacy policy can be modified. This online service is a dynamic and innovative environment. That means that VRT is permanently seeking better customised service provision. It is possible that new applications will be implemented to collect or use your data in another way. VRT will inform you when such important changes occur, and VRT will sollicit your consent when required.