kids fiction ,  9-12

3 seasons | 156 episodes | 11 min

available as ready made

Since his parents' divorce, Pieter has lived a low-profile life during the day as an unathletic and unremarkable schoolboy. But unbeknown to his overanxious mother, Pieter sneaks outside at night to do incredibly cool parkour jumps in another neighbourhood, along with his parkour mentor and best friend Sefu. When Pieter’s mother - a local police officer - becomes overloaded with work thanks to the rising crime rate, Pieter decides to use his secret talent to become Hoodie: a mysterious hero who protects the neighbourhood, with the help of three other local youths who have discovered his secret. The loner suddenly has three friends and Team Hoodie is born...

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Season 1: 52x11' (13x40' available too)

Season 2: 52x11' (13x40' available too)

Season 3: 52x11' (13x40' available too)



Target group


First broadcast

Feb 29, 2020

Expected broadcast

Season 1: Q1 2020

Season 2: Q4 2021

Season 3: Q2 2022

Production company

Hotel Hungaria


Bo De Group & Ilse Polenus


Senne Dehandschutter, Olympia Allaert & Anthony Nti


Headwriter: Nine Cornelissen

Storylines: Nine Cornelissen & Koen Tambuyzer

Treatment writers: Nine Cornelissen, Koen Tambuyzer, Tom Verheyen & An De Gruyter

Dialogue versions: Joren Slaets, Lies Van Grieken, Matthias Goovaerts, Tom Vermeyen, Koen Tambuyzer, Amina Hatim, Sam Rutten & An De Gruyter


Maarten Cop, Lotte Stevens, Armin Mola, Ahlaam Teghadouini, Illias Dennoune & Inge Paulussen

Licensed by

Videoland - The Netherlands

RTV - Slovenia

Amazon - Germany

RTBF - Wallonia

Canal+ - France

Extra info

Episodes available to screen upon request