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Compilation S1 E1-4

Dries rules

kids fiction ,  9-12

3 seasons | 156 episodes | 12 min

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An exciting detective story, set at the coast.

This thrilling detective series is built around 17-year-old Dries Deckers, an energetic and inventive teenager with his very own logic. Thanks to his impulsive character, Dries is unintentionally confronted with a criminal case that is baffling the police. Will Dries be able to solve the case using his very own deduction technique?
In doing so, he can in any case make use of a special quality: when Dries excites himself, he becomes invisible.

Dries’s best friends are Roos - a blind girl with extraordinary insight - and IT-freak Hassan.

Set at the coast, this series combines an atmosphere of fun, sea and surf, with humour and suspense.


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Original title

De regel van 3S


Season 1: 52x11'+ 13 compilations (45')
Season 2: 52x11'+ 13 compilations (45')
Season 3: 52x11'+ 13 compilations (45')



Target group

7 - 12 years

First broadcast

Jan 30, 2017

Broadcast period

Season 1: Q1-Q2 2017
Season 2: Q1-Q2 2018
Season 3: Q2 2019

Production company

VRT & Zodiak Belgium


Gert Goovaerts


Samuël Anastasi, Dorien De Clippel, Yassine Ouaich, Jits Van Belle, Danni Heylen, Viv Van Dingenen, Ron Cornet, Rudy Morren, Dominique Van Malder, Ivan Pecnik, Bert Cosemans, Tine Laureyns, Jonas Vermeulen, Hans Van Cauwenberghe, Nathalie Wijnants, Warre Borgmans, Sander Gillis, Erik Burke & Danny Timmermans

Licensed by

Telenet - Flanders

Videoland - The Netherlands

Interactive online special
In 'Dries rules: the art of robbery': viewers can assume the rol of Dries and choose which turn the story takes. This special is available van app and/or website.