Tik Tak

kids education

| 52 episodes | 5 min

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Tik Tak is a tutorial for toddlers and the world around them.

It is an eclectic, universal toddler show that stimulates children’s cognitive development in a relaxed, simple way. The use of non-verbal, non-narrative imagery, music and games focuses on colors, shapes, objects, animals and the context surrounding them.  

Tik Tak 2.0 is a contemporary adaptation of Belgian television heritage. The original series consists of 366 episodes, dating back to 1981-1992. The episodes were sold worldwide and are still aired in various countries.

“Tik Tak is the number one show focused on stimulating perceptual development among toddlers and preschoolers. The systematic, structured offering of various combinations of colors and shapes in repetitive motions, with recognizable musical compositions, stimulates children’s observational skills, creativity and imagination.”
Professor of Developmental Psychology, Dr. Telidja Klaï


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