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Biba & Loeba

kids education ,  -3 ,  3-6

1 season | 52 episodes | 7 min

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Biba & Loeba is a program that encourages physical activity in pre-schoolers. Based on the Bodymap Method*, this series gets pre-schoolers to move around in front of the screen rather than simply sit and watch.

Biba & Loeba are two friends, who playfully perform three exercises per program and get their young viewers to participate at home. Each of the three exercises also has a variation. Biba & Loeba then peer into the living rooms with their ‘binoculars’ and reveal some of the youngsters enthusiastically exercising.

Biba & Loeba is part of a pedagogical project schools have been working on for years. The two sportily and colourfully dressed hosts - Biba & Loeba - do movements that are simple, but have actually been carefully thought about and are underpinned by research. A simple first step, for example, is to move around on bare feet. Anyone who thinks he or she needs a sports hall or a huge garden is wrong. ‘You can already do an incredible amount on just a single floor tile,’ emphasise the movement experts.

* The Bodymap Method was developed by movement experts Liesbeth Verhoeven and Ann De Wilde. Time after time, they heard concerns about toddler and pre-schooler skill development no longer being something that could be taken for granted, especially in big cities, where children spend much less time playing outside. Because the first years of life are decisive in the development of motor skills, they therefore devised the physical-activity-based program 'Biba & Loeba'.

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Original title

Biba & Loeba

Target group

2 - 4 years

First broadcast

Oct 2, 2017

Broadcast period

Q4 2017 - Q4 2018

Production company

Borgerhoff & Lamberigts