Boris and Binti

kids animation ,  education ,  -3 ,  3-6

1 season | 52 episodes | 5 min

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The cartoons of Boris and Binti are for young toddlers, with a star role for a language they can easily understand and which makes use of everyday words. The focus on listening is strengthened by the background noises and soft simple pianomusic.

The series is produced in several languages. If toddlers want to learn a second language, this is made easier by the fact that sentences in the different languages are projected at the exact same moment in the story, making it easy for children to link image and text. The languages available so far: English, Dutch, Arabic and Japanese. The different series are closely linked, with literal translations by native speakers and respect for the local culture.


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Original title

Boris en Binti

First broadcast

Mar 1, 2014

Production company

Studio Epwerk


Ellen Pollard


An Wuyts

Extra info

Dubbed English, Arabic and Japanese version available