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Katie & buddies

kids education ,  3-6

2 seasons | 40 episodes | 7 min

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'Katie and buddies' is a part of 'Katie's world' (see attachment with more info below) , a fantasy world with a solid educational foundation. It stimulates toddlers to use their creativity & imagination in dealing with the world, individual emotions and thoughts in ways that are both inventive and innovative.

Each episode of 'Katie and buddies' starts with a question or a problem. Something where children are concerned about or where they want to know more about. They are curious about the answer or need a solution.
Fortunately, Katie and her friends have a lot of buddies to help them. Because they do not always know the answer themselves, they are meeting children in the real world for advice. They give them tips and information, show them how they handle the same problem, and give the good example.

Other series that belong to 'Katie's world' are 'Katie's Calamaties', 'Around the world with Katie', 'Katies Theatre and 'Katie and friends'.

Katie's world

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Original title

Kaatjes kameraadjes

First broadcast

Nov 16, 2016

Broadcast period

Start Q4 2016 with several reruns and new episodes till now

Production company



Sarah Van Geel, Dirk Verbeeck & Philippe Liekens

Licensed by

Telenet - Flanders

Brand extensions

Succesfull merchandising program: DVD's, books, music, clothes, toothbrushes, sunscreen,...