Curious about VRT's new programs?

VRT is launching new programs in spring 2020. Kids will learn the secret of a mysterious hero, Hoodie. For adults there is a psychological road movie or the game format '99 to beat'. The documentary series 'Infected' explains how our global healthcare system is under pressure.

posted on Dec 13, 2019

Campus 12 series on display in 60 countries

Campus 12 has been sold to many countries. In addition to the Netherlands, France, Norway, Denmark, Italy and many other European countries, the series is also broadcast in various African countries. In the fall of 2020, Ketnet will release the third series of Campus 12.

posted on Dec 9, 2019

99 To Beat– new format launched at MIPCOM

At MIPCOM, Primitives and Talpa Network launched 99 To Beat, a new primetime entertainment format. In 99 To Beat you don't have to win, you just can't lose. 100 people compete in 100 fun & clever challenges to find the best all-rounder. The goal is never to be the worst and beat 99 opponents.

posted on Oct 17, 2019

Sense of tumour "Best European TV Fiction Series of the Year" at Prix Europa!

Sense of tumour, competing against 21 other television programs from 16 different European countries, won the first price for “Best European TV Fiction Series of the Year” at Prix Europa!

posted on Oct 20, 2018

VRT series nominated for the prestigious Ensor awards

Tabula Rasa, Sense of tumour, Team chocolate, Salamander 2 and Taboo are nominated for the prestigious Ensor awards, which will be presented on the final evening of the Film Festival of Ostend.

posted on Aug 22, 2018