99 To Beat– new format launched at MIPCOM

posted on Oct 17, 2019

At MIPCOM 2019 Primitives and Talpa Network launched ‘99 To Beat’, a new primetime entertainment format.

In 99 To Beat you don't have to win, you just can't lose. 100 people compete in 100 fun and clever challenges to find the best all-rounder. The goal is never to be the worst and by doing so beat 99 opponents.

The program will be aired for the first time locally in The Netherlands under the name De Alleskunner, produced by Fabiola. In Belgium the series is titled Homo Universalis and produced by VRT and De Chinezen. In Belgium, two successfully seasons have already been broadcasted. A third season is in production.

The rights to the format have already been placed in USA, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, France and Norway.