Curious about VRT's new programs?

posted on Dec 13, 2019

What's new for kids?

Hoodie: a mysterious hero who protects the neighbourhood, with the help of three other local youths who have discovered his secret. The loner suddenly has three friends and Team Hoodie is born...

And some other great news: The second season of #LikeMe starts on January 12th.

What's new for drama?

GR5 is a psychological road thriller about a group of travellers in their twenties taking the Great Route 5 in memory of their friend Lisa who disappeared without a trace five years earlier when taking the same path on her own. The physically demanding undertaking leads to a confrontation with themselves and a search for the truth behind Lisa's disappearance...

VRT launches the second season of Over water as well.

What's new for documentary?

How prepared are we for an inevitable next pandemic? What are the consequences of hugely accelerated globalization and how should we deal with it? How do we ensure that the super-diverse world population knows the same rules so that together we can cope with the constantly changing diseases? And finally, is a successful solution to a threat today necessarily a solution tomorrow, how are we vigilant? Within the walls of the Institute of Tropical Medicine Infected seeks answers to four issues of global healthcare pressure.

What's new for entertainment?

No better quizmaster then a hypochondriac to present the second season of  Is there a doctor in the house?

And finally: 99 to beat. This is is a versatile format. Stand-alone or incorporated in a larger programme, be it on a traditional screen or online: the tension is always present and the search is on! The quest for the one person who can survive a hundred challenges. The goal is not to be the best, because winning is not the issue. Never losing is.