Curious about VRT's new programs?

posted on Aug 28, 2018

VRT is launching some new programs for fall/winter 2018.

What's new for kids?

Campus 12 revolves around Noah, who seems to be the only person in the world who knows that his twin sister Bo ever existed. No one can remember her and Noah cannot find a single memento as a reminder of her. It turns out that the key to the mystery surrounding Bo is linked to the theatre owned by the elitist Vincke family on the ‘other side’ of town. For the common boxing family of Noah, the theatre is an absolute no-go area...

In Buck we follow Elias who's struggling with his life as a puber. He finds distraction in his computer game in which his digital hero commander Buck never lets him down. When he plays, he has not to worry about a thing. Until one day... nobody else than Buck is standing next to his bed. From then on nothing is as it was before!

What's new for drama?

John Beckers, a popular TV celebrity, is given an ultimate chance by his wife and two kids to get his life back on track again after his heavy addiction to alcohol and gambling. After his stay in rehab, he joins the company of his father-in-law. Will John be able to contain his old demons? Let's find out in Over water.

Professor T.'s third season will air in the fall too. The detective series is about a reclusive but brilliant professor in criminology who becomes a consultant with the federal police.

What's new for documentary?

How we deal with aging and death varies greatly worldwide. In Belgium, death may still be a taboo, but in many cultures it is allowed to laugh at, or even a reason to party. In Last days we travel to 8 different countries. How do we deal with getting older and dying in Ghana, Japan, Cuba, Belgium, the US, Mexico, India and Indonesia?

In the fourth season of Difficult destinations, we try to get an answer to the question 'Is it possible to go absolutely anywhere on holiday?' We find out by travelling to places that tourists would usually go to great lengths to avoid. The fourth season is focusing on Europe.

What's new for entertainment?

Finally, a new series of Off we go and Food facts is launching. In Off we go, every week three celebrities go on a weekend in their own country. They don't know in advance with who they'll spend the weekend. Each celebrity  is in charge of organising one part of the weekend. And in the new season of Food facts, we're again looking for answers to questions about food that we all wonder.