Yes I can

factual factual entertainment

1 season | 8 episodes | 45 min

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Imagine that for sixty days, the answer to every question that comes your way is 'Yes I can'. Sixty days of just going with the flow, embracing every request – wherever it takes you, whatever you’re asked to do. 'Yes I can' is a unique social experiment, a fascinating, compelling mix of human interest, emotion and adventure. Mentally and emotionally challenging, and physically exhausting – whether it’s looping the loop in a stunt plane, crowd-surfing, nude modelling, or learning to ride a circus wheel.  But it is also about meeting people with extraordinary, sometimes heart-wrenching stories.  It’s 'Yes I can' to living rough on the streets... And even 'Yes I can' to playing in a porn film. Sixty days, and countless possibilities. 'Yes I can' – embracing life.


Yes I can

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Original title

Ja Jan


8 episodes x 45'


Factual entertainment

First broadcast

Jan 5, 2015


Belgian host: actor and presenter Jan Van Looveren