Beat me if you can

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1 season | 4 episodes | 45 min

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What happens when a woman competes against a man? What are her chances? 

In 'Beat me if you can', a female TV host accepts each week a new physical challenge from a male celebrity.  They both get 4 weeks to prepare. The female host accepts every challenge, no matter how tough…

Challenges include: participation at the Bangerstox Racing World Cup, climbing the world's tallest climbing wall, finishing the toughest obstacle run or the fastest speed skating race in the world,…

Entertaining format full of exciting challenges!

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Original title

Op de man af


7 episodes x 45' + 1 compilation (45')

First broadcast

Jan 3, 2018

Broadcast period

Q1 2018

Production company



Belgian female host: Saartje Vandendriessche

Extra info
2nd series in production