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1 season | 9 episodes | 60 min

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In Taboo, Flemish comedy darling Philippe Geubels laughs about people you are not supposed to laugh with.  But he does not do that without a proper investigation ...

In every episode he invites four guests for a week's holiday in a lovely country house and gets to know them very well.

He spends time with people who are incurably ill, are physically challenged, people with visual disability, people suffering from obesity, people in poverty, LGBT's, people with different skin color and people with a psychic vulnerability.

He listens to their stories and sensitivities and then it’s time for humour: candid camera scenes with the guests alternate with stand-up comedy - an entire comedy-set on every topic with the four guests in the front seats of a venue packed with people who are confronted with the same issue

All these ingredients blend into Taboo. It is a unique mix of human interest and comedy, trying to blow some fresh air into ponderous themes, connecting people through humour.

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Original title



9 episodes x 60´


Factual entertainment

First broadcast

Jan 21, 2018

Broadcast period

Q1 2018

Production company

Panenka, Pretpraters & VRT


Kat Steppe


Philippe Geubels

Licensed by

RTL - The Netherlands (ready made)
Several options are sold throughout the world


54% market share, without catch up. The highest ever premiere for an entertainment program on VRT.


Best Format at the EBU Creative Forum Awards (Silver award)

Outstanding achievement - Non-fiction/Social Issues & Current Affairs at realscreen (award)

Selected for INPUT 2019