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All about the money

factual factual entertainment

5 seasons | 50 episodes | 45 min

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Each week three hosts try to find out what we can do with money and the viewers see how they can save or how they can get more value for the same money. 

'All about the money' is investigative journalism, but always in an entertaining, funny style with a clear sense of humour and nice challenges.  Topics that are being investigated include: “Do you need a real estate broker while selling your house or is it better to do it yourself? Where and how can you buy the best second hand car in terms of value for money?  How expensive is bottled water? "

The program’s mission is to empower the audience by providing them with tips and tricks and highlighting money-saving opportunities.  

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Original title

Voor hetzelfde geld


Episodes: 50x45'


Consumer program

First broadcast

Apr 3, 2013

Broadcast period

Q2 2013 - Q3 2017 (one series per year)

Production company