Taboo selected for the EBU Creative Forum

posted on Jun 15, 2018

We're delighted to announce that Taboo will be presented in Berlin at the EBU Creative Forum. The format, distributed by Line Up Industries, is part of the selection of 20 formats that will be showcased in September.

The Creative Forum is the annual event of the EBU for screening program formats with only public service content from Europe and beyond. Every format shown has already been broadcasted in the country of origin.

Taboo had a 54% market share at channel één with 1.5 million viewers (without catch up). 

In each episode of Taboo, a famous comedian will test the boundaries of comedy and good taste. They will perform a unique routine which in each show will challenge a subject judged too taboo to laugh at. The difference is that in this show they will have sourced the material directly from those affected, be it blindness, obesity or other physical disabilities. And what’s more: they will be at the show.