Food facts

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3 seasons | 28 episodes | 50 min

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'Food facts' is not just another cooking show, it is instead a quest for answers to questions about food that we all wonder. Is there really such a thing as healthy sugar? Are vegetarian meat substitutes actually healthier? Are smoothies as healthy as they look?

Furthermore, this programme looks at the preconceptions we have about food and investigates to what extent these are correct.

The recurring item “The journey of …” shows a process from ingredient to final product … but in reverse. “From candy to pig” went viral online and received over 12 million views.

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Original title

Over eten


Season 1: 10x45´
Season 2: 10x45´

First broadcast

Sep 1, 2016

Broadcast period

Season 1: Q2 2016
Season 2: Q2 2017
Season 3: Q4 2018

Production company



Hosts: Danira Boukhriss & Kobe Ilsen


1,5 million viewers and 60% share in prime time in Belgium on één in 2015


2017: Winner of the Flemish TV Award for Best Entertainment
2016: Winner of the Flemish TV Award for Best Entertainment
2016: Winner of Humo's Pop Poll Award for Most Popular TV Program