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1 season | 5 episodes | 30 min

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Our society is longing for changes, new and thorough changes that can actually make a real difference. Changemakers is a factual series of portraits of 5 of the most innovative, interesting, striking people and their projects, covering a variety of themes.

What’s interesting is how people get to develop a project or an idea based on their own expertise and experience in one particular subject or field. Applying this expertise in order to develop something that initially makes a small difference but then also has the capacity of changing mentalities and as such engender real changes on a more structural level is the core of each of these portraits. The beauty also relies in the empowerment of these personalities: they truly believe in the fact that they can start up something that can lead to a true change.

Each episode focuses on innovative entrepreneurships, portraying the one person who all made it possible. Changemakers is a series about people who are not afraid of stepping away from old structures to choose new paths of living and working. They are driven, passionate and have a very clear vision about how they see the world. This philosophy is the essence of each episode: how do they think, how do they see the future and what is their contribution in changing that world?


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Sep 7, 2016