Allah in Europe

factual society

1 season | 8 episodes | 42 min

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What is the future of Islam in Europe? How hopeful can we be on an European, enlightened version of Islam? Is that something Muslims themselves actually want? And will it be possible to overcome the Europeans’ distrust of Islam?

Jan Leyers goes in search of answers. He heads off to Sarajevo, Budapest, Vienna, Hamburg, Paris, London, Copenhagen and Malmö. He listens to the voice of experts and the word on the street and talks with religious men and women, with ex-believers and new converts. What do they hope for and what are their concerns? In this series, Jan stays true to his style: nuanced and respectful, without shying away from controversy.

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Original title

Allah in Europa


Current affairs

First broadcast

Sep 11, 2017

Production company

Warner Bros ITVP Belgium


Johannes Bucher


Host: Jan Leyers

Co-produced by

VRT, VPRO & Warner Bros ITVP Belgium


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