Under fire

fiction drama

2 seasons | 20 episodes | 45 min

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The appointment of Lieutenant Dominique as the new leader for East Bank Station makes the entire barracks shake to its foundations. Transforming the group of firefighters to the standard envisioned by the Command Post, seems to require a different kind of approach.

After the intervention in a gas explosion in a nursing home with fatalities, East Bank Station is under scrutiny. Why were they so slow? Why weren’t the firecams switched on? And why was the fire extinguishing so late?

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Original title

Onder vuur

First broadcast

Sep 12, 2021

Broadcast period

Season 1 (10x45'): Q3 2021

Season 2 (10x45'): Q3 2022

Production company



Jasper Moeyaert & Emanuel Vanderjeugd


Joost Wynant


Toon Anthoni, Carl Plaisier, Bjorn Vandeneynde


Louis Talpe, Sam Louwyck, Lynn Van Royen, Aimé Claeys, Alessia Sartor, Ann Tuts, Dirk Van Dijck, Piet De Praitere, Maarten Stevens

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