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fiction drama

1 season | 8 episodes | 50 min

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After the world survives the outbreak of a major catastrophe, a new society called Arcadia emerges. Because resources are scarce in this new world, a Citizen Score is being introduced. It determines your rights and entitlements. People are forced to stay healthy, focused and efficient.

We follow the life of a hard-working family that, because of their high score, can enjoy a good life. Everything changes when father Pieter is deported from Arcadia to the outside world for cheating the algorithm and artificially inflating the Citizen Score of his wife and 2 daughters. The women are penalized with penalty points that seriously lower their score. Can they go back to their old score or has the downward spiral started?

How do you survive in a world where your Citizen Score determines whether you can live or not?

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Original title



Near-future fiction

First broadcast

Mar 19, 2023

Production company



Philippe De Schepper

Helen Perquy


Tim Oliehoek


Bas Adriaensen
Zita Theunynck
Philippe De Schepper


Gene Bervoets, Monic Hendrickx, Abigail Abraham, Lynn Van Royen, Melody Klaver, Ellie De Lange, Maarten Heijmand, Natali Broods, Wim Opbrouck, Jean Janssens, Aus Greidanus sr., Boris Van Severen

Extra info

Coproduction between jonnydepony, VRT(één), NPO (KRO-NCRV, The Netherlands) and ARD/WDR (Germany)