Thirty somethings


3 seasons | 36 episodes | 25 min

available as ready made

Six friends, in their thirties,  struggle with the challenges of their generation, the balance between work and family and ... the secrets of an unprocessed trauma that inextricably connects them but also threatens to drive them apart.

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Original title


First broadcast

Jan 7, 2019

Broadcast period

season 1-2: 2019-2020
season 3: in production

Production company

Warner Bros ITVP


Yannick De Coster, Kim Van Oncen, Tom Dingenen, Evelien Van Hamme, Kristof Goffin, Ellen Verest, Dave Nauwelaerts, Yemi Oduwale, Saartje Van de Steene, Matthijs Vos, Luc De Ruelle, Alec Putnik, Bente Slembrouck, Nicky Budts.

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remake in The Netherlands