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2 seasons | 22 episodes | 45 min

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Crime drama television series based on the books of Bavo Dhooghe starring Filip Peeters as Inspector Paul Gerardi, a Belgian detective. 

Season 1 - Salamander
In a private Brussels bank, 66 safe-deposit boxes are burglarized. Though the owner of the bank wants to keep the thefts under wraps, one police inspector catches wind of the affair: Paul Gerardi. Mixing incorruptible, old-school morals with devil-may-care individualism, Gerardi throws himself into the investigation, realizing just how big the case is when some of the key players are murdered, commit suicide or vanish. The safe-deposit boxes contained the holders' most intimate secrets, the compromising documents and photos that no one should ever see – and that literally can bring down the nation. Gerardi soon learns that all 66 burglary victims are members of the country's industrial, financial, judicial and political elite. Even a member of the royal family is involved... What's more, Gerardi discovers that they are all members of a secret organization called “Salamander.” As he becomes the target of both the criminals and the authorities, Gerardi must quickly find out what their agenda is. And who is behind the thefts...

Season 2 - Blood diamands
The murder of a political refugee in Brussels catches the attention of federal inspector Paul Gerardi. The victim had to flee Kitangi, a former Belgian colony in Africa. There, a brutal rebel army lead by General Bombé and financed by blood diamonds is trying to take control of the country by any means necessary. Does the murder have any connection to the bloody civil war going on in the small African state? As Gerardi investigates, it seems increasingly apparent that this is an international affair; and the trail leads to an investment bank in Brussels. Slowly, Gerardi gets pulled into the conspiracy. What is the connection between the Belgium bank and General Bombé? Suddenly evidence comes to light which promises to uncover a dangerous secret. As Gerardi digs deeper, the case shines a harsh light onto the economic and political elite of his own country. Sure enough, greed and lust for power are at the root of it all...

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Original title



Season 1: 12x50'
Season 2: 10x50'



First broadcast

Dec 30, 2012

Broadcast period

Season 1: Q1 2013

Season 2: Q1 2018

Production company

Skyline Entertainment


Frank van Mechelen


Ward Hulselmans


Season 1: Filip Peeters, Koen De Bouw, Jo De Meyere, Vic De Wachter, Mike Verdrengh, Lucas van den Eynde, Gene Bervoets, An Miller & Koen van Impe
Season 2: Filip Peeters, Leah Thys, Wim Opbrouck, Koen Van Impe, Tine Reymer, Violet Braeckman, Jeroen Van der Ven, Peter Van de Velde, Kadèr Gürbüz, Herbert Flack & Boris Van Severen

Licensed by

Afghanistan, Andorra, Australia, Azores, Brasil, Canada (EN), Canada (FR), Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France + terrotories, German speaking territories, Greece, Greek Cypres, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Latin America (minus Brasil), Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, Montenegro, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Switserland (FR, D, IT), The Netherlands, Turkey, 
UK, USA, Wallonia, World


2018 - Rocky Award Banff World Media Festival (nomination)

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French/German dub