Over Water


2 seasons | 20 episodes | 45 min

available as ready made

Once upon a time John Beckers was Flanders' favourite TV celebrity. In his heyday, he ruled the small screen and the audience absolutely adored him. His heavy addiction to alcohol and gambling led him down a dark path, however, causing John to lose almost everything he had worked so hard for. Popularity, friends and success disappeared faster than they had come.

John is given an ultimate chance by his wife and two kids to get his life back on track again and regain their trust. After his umpteenth stay in rehab, he joins Michielsen Shipping Co, the port company of his father-in-law with renewed courage. It's a process of ups and downs. Until the day comes when he has the port start working for him...

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Original title

Over water


Season 1: 10x45'
Season 2: 10x45'


Character-driven drama series with a crime plot

First broadcast

Jan 13, 2019

Broadcast period

season 1: Q1 2019
season 2: Q2 2020

Production company



Kato Maes & Tom Lenaerts


Norman Bates & deben Van Dam


Tom Lenaerts & Paul Baeten Gronda


Tom Dewispelaere, Natali Broods, Kevin Janssens, Tom Van Dyck, Jeroen Perceval & Evgenia Brendes

Licensed by

NPO - The Netherlands

Telenet - Belgium



Average market share of 42,8% (4+, Live+7)

Co-produced by

VRT, Panenka & Telenet


Available versions

International version with English subs


Extra info

Folder with the storylines and a description of the characters available upon request