Two summers

fiction drama ,  crime

1 season | 6 episodes | 45 min

available as ready made

Everything starts 30 years ago: a group of happy, young twenty-somethings wants to have one last fun holiday before the ‘serious life’ begins. But it takes a terrible turn for the worst when one of them dies in a tragic incident.

Thirty summers later, Romée and Peter, the most successful couple of the lot, invite that same old group of friends to celebrate Romée’s birthday during a long weekend on a private island at the French Côte d’Azur.  Before the party even gets underway, it’s already over: a video surfaces from that fatal evening during their holiday thirty years ago. Immediately everybody’s a suspect, the trust within the group disappears in the blink of an eye. No one can leave the island before the truth is finally uncovered…

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Original title

Twee zomers


Psychological thriller

First broadcast

Feb 6, 2022

Production company



Kato Maes
Kristoffel Mertens


Tom Lenaerts
Brecht Vanhoenacker


Tom Lenaerts
Paul Baeten


Marieke Anthoni, An Miller, Lukas Bultheel, Tom Vermeir, Tine Roggeman, Ruth Becquart, Vincent Van Sande, Koen De Bouw, Louise Bergez, Inge Paulussen, Bjarne Devolder, Herwig Ilegems, Tijmen Govaerts, Kevin Janssens, Sanne Samina Hanssen, Felix Meyer

Licensed by

Netflix - worldwide (minus French speaking Europe)

Canal+ (France)


More than 50% market share on both 4+ and 18-44y (first three episodes on Free TV) on VRT.

After 1 week in the top 10 of most watched series on Netflix in 34 countries.


Séries Mania 2022 (nomination)

Extra info

Coproduction between één/VRT, Panenka & Netflix