fiction drama

1 season | 8 episodes | 45 min

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"Albatros" is a tragicomedy and tells the story of ten fat people who will join a weight-loss camp in the Ardennes. They are faced, not only with the battle against their bodies, but also against their minds, and each other. With a dead mother, a dark secret and lots of unresolved resentment, camp guru Bart has his own demons to fight.

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Original title




First broadcast

Feb 15, 2021

Production company

De Wereldvrede


Gilles Coulier, Gilles De Schryver & Wouter Sap


Wannes Destoop


Gilles Coulier, Wannes Destoop, Dominique Van Malder & Tom Dupont


Wim Opbrouck, Benny Claessens, Marjan De Schutter, Isabelle Van Hecke, Dominique Van Malder, Tom Ternest, Marcel Musters, Amara Reta, Ruth Beeckmans, Arthur Dhont, Joris Hessels, Ilse De Koe, Joke Emmers & Stef Lernous

Licensed by

Streamz & Telenet - Flanders

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Supported by SeriesLab by TorinoFilmLab (2017)