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| 5000 episodes | 27 min

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A highly entertaining daily access prime time quiz, in which a broad general knowledge, dexterity and a sense of humour are crucial.  In each episode, two contestants compete against each other over three rounds, answering questions covering the widest possible range of topics.

In Round One, the fastest on the buzzer wins points for each correct answer, and the right to place blocks on the board as strategically as possible to win bonus points.

In the second round, each contestant plays in turn. Then in Round Three, they go head to head. Strategic play is the key to success, with the contestant with the most points at the end going through the Final Round.

Now, the contestant must answer as many questions as possible correctly in two minutes to try to discover a hidden word letter by letter.

If he is successful then he wins a money prize and returns to play the next day. And again, and again. for as long as he keeps on winning.

With more than 5000 episodes, Blockx is the longest running quiz on Flemish television.


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Original title



More than 5,000 episodes x 27'


Prime time daily quiz

First broadcast

Sep 5, 1994

Broadcast period

From september 1994 till now without any interruption

Production company

De Mensen


Belgian host (since the first edition): Ben Crabbé

Multiple possibilities: an edition for a good cause, editions with only kids/celebrities/...