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The chair

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2 seasons | 81 episodes | 4 min

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The puzzle that viewers of all ages are always keen to solve. 

In each daily episode we see 'The chair' standing in a different – recognizable - location. Anyone recognizing that location must hurry as fast as possible, armed with a certain item as instructed in the programme itself, in an attempt to be first to sit in 'The chair'. The first to sit down wins a prize.

Interactive program with a difference, and an appointment to view each night  to see if 'The chair' is in your neighbourhood. 

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Original title

De stoel


Season 1: 45x4´
Season 2: 39x4´

First broadcast

Jun 26, 2017

Broadcast period

Season 1: Q3 2017
Season 2: Q3 2018

Production company


Extra info
The chair first appeared as a fixed item in another program since 2006. In june 2017 it became a single program with a brand new look&feel.