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Pano: Inside Corona

Inside Corona

factual current affairs

| 1 episode | 40 min

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Inside Corona offers a unique behind-the-scenes insight into the COVID-19 crisis. The patients and the tireless staff and the patients of the Ghent University Hospital each fight their own battle. The hospital braces itself but is ready for who knows how much patients to come.

We follow pulmonologist Eva Van Braeckel and Pieter Depuydt, coordinator of the intensive care department. There we also meet fashion photographer Zeger Garré. He suffers from corona and posts regularly videos on social media about the stages of his disease. How has his illness evolved in the meantime?

We also ask why there is currently no vaccine against this killer virus. Virologist Johan Neyts allowed  us to follow him in his high end research. Neyts is virologist at the University of Leuven and give us unique insight into the labs of the renowned Rega Institute. Feverishly they’re testing on mice there.  Is there hope for a quick vaccine?

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Original title

Pano: Cordon rond Corona

First broadcast

Mar 25, 2020

Production company



Stef Meerbergen