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The Offensive E1

The Offensive

factual current affairs

1 season | 7 episodes | 45 min

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Populism is omnipresent in the European Union. Slowly, member
state elections have become perfectly predictable: populist
parties score big time, traditional parties suffer major losses.
The voice of the disgruntled citizen grows increasingly louder,
both on the left and right sides of the spectrum. Polarisation is
on the rise.

Why are so many civilians angry? The Offensive looks for
answers in the life stories of the people who are turning away
from traditional politics. Who are ‘the offensive’ who shake the
European Union to its very core?

Every episode features a parallel montage of three stories from
different European countries, covering the same theme, alternated
with archive materials. Old fragments of the European
dream of peace and prosperity are combined with more recent
reports on the situation in Europe.

A seven-part documentary series that urges the viewer to think
for himself in a debate that is becoming increasingly poisoned
by fake news.

The Offensive - project info

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Original title

De Onfatsoenlijken

First broadcast

Nov 4, 2020

Production company



Kato Maes & Tom Lenaerts


Luc Lemaitre


Jan Antonissen

Licensed by

NPO - The Netherlands


‘Golden Award’ on the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards in the category ‘Best documentary – social issues’