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Fly me to the moon

factual culture

| 1 episode | 46 min

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In 'Fly me to the moon' we follow some couples in South Korea who get married during a mass ceremony with no less than 30,000 other couples in the Moon Church. In the 80s and 90s the Moon Church was known as a sect, with a terrible reputation. The founder Moon coupled hundreds of thousands of young couples over the years. He did this on the basis of photos or random indications just before the wedding ceremony. By linking boys and girls from totally different cultures, Moon wanted to promote world peace. Furthermore, the members - still - have to share part of their income, do not smoke and drink, and do not have sex before marriage.

Who are the young couples who marry in the Moon Church? How (un)guilty is this Church? And especially: are they attracted to each other? The couples meet each other the day before their wedding for the first time. The only thing that connects them at their wedding day is their faith.

Quite exceptionally, journalist Annemie Struyf and her team get the chance to film behind the scenes of the impressive blessing ceremony. But there are limits, and the camera is not welcome everywhere. The heavy criticism that the Moon Church received in the past has left deep marks.


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Original title

Fly me to the moon (Via Annemie)


Current affairs

First broadcast

Feb 1, 2016


Host: Belgian journalist Annemie Struyf

Extra info

Part of the same documentary series with journalist Annemie Struyf as My body is mine