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Cold case Britta Cloetens

factual history

1 season | 3 episodes | 33 min

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Three-part documentary in which court journalists reconstruct the investigation into the sensational disappearance of the 25-year-old Britta Cloetens. - On April 23, 2011, Britta visits the a car dealership. She never left the showroom alive. What starts as a worrying disappearance soon becomes a murder investigation. A suspect, Tijl Teckmans, the seller in the showroom, is arrested. The man has a judicial past. Teckmans denies everything despite serious material evidence against him. The victim's body remains untraceable.

The makers received exclusive access to the investigation file and the many video interviews of the suspect. They talked to Britta’s parents and everyone involved in the investigation. In this way the whole case is unravelled.

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First broadcast

Feb 12, 2020

Production company