Around the North Sea

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1 season | 10 episodes | 45 min

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Each country that borders the North Sea boasts its own typical coastline. But the limits of the actual North Sea stretch much further than commonly thought. Beyond our own shores, there is a vast water world we barely know, a sea that created our history and connects the Belgians, the French, the English, the Scots, the Norwegians, the Danes, the germans and the Dutch.

In this 10-episode documentary we will be exploring the rich history of our North Sea and collect amazing stories that unfolded on and around the water. From the arrival of the Vikings to the disastrous storms that left large parts of coast land uninhabitable for a period of time. About new ideas and the knowledge that spread along and via the North Sea. From the World Wars that were fought there, the evolution of the fishing industry, the offshore wind farms, to the effects of global warming on life in our sea.

Through the stories of the people we meet along the way, we will document the inextricable link between present and past.


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Original title

De Noordzee

First broadcast

Feb 12, 2019

Production company

De Chinezen


Host: Arnout Hauben

Licensed by

NPO - The Netherlands

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Full document with synopsis of each episode available upon request.

Licenced to NPO (The Netherlands)