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A matter of luck, a matter of happiness

factual society

1 season | 10 episodes | 45 min

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'A matter of luck, a matter of happiness' is a human interest documentary series, directed by Kat Steppe. In ten episodes we discover the life story of the inhabitants of Borgerhout and Antwerpen-Noord, two quarters in the city of Antwerp characterised by a multitude of nationalities – over 170 – that reside on just a few square kilometres.

Young folks and retired people who have been living here for generations; men and women with a migration background; newcomers who have barely arrived. All of them have this one thing in common: a rich personal history and the dream of a better life.

Their lives have been determined by the choices they made at one stage. Simultaneously their paths have been coloured by luck and misfortune. 'A matter of luck, a matter of happiness' offers an authentic view on the personal stories of highly diverse people in this neighbourhood, beyond the preconceptions about them and the part of the city they are living in.

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Original title

Een kwestie van geluk


Human interest

First broadcast

Feb 3, 2016

Broadcast period

Q1 2016

Production company



Kat Steppe


2017: Ha! van Humo for Best Flemish television program
2017: Sabam Awards for Best documentary