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S1 - E4


kids entertainment ,  6-9 ,  9-12

2 seasons | 48 episodes | 12 min

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In ‘Trix’ we follow three young friends who are immersed in a world full of conjuring tricks by a celebrity magician: Steven Delaere. Steven teaches them all the tips & tricks of the trade and sends them out to practice on location. But there is actually even more magic in the air - and here comes the fiction - because Steven himself is enchanted by Luca’s mother Louise.

The story begins with Steven, an experienced magician with a strange grey tuft in his hair. It is rumoured that this is the source of all of his magic tricks. Recently Steven has been followed by a Ketnet camera crew. But it’s when friends Lien, Leonard and Luca stumble into Steven’s rehearsal room one day and also begin to conjure that the magic really starts.

In the weeks that follow, Steven prepares the three young conjurers for a real performance. To gain experience, they go on the road. Steven helps them with their performances at various locations. Lien, Leonard and Luca amaze audiences at the various locations with their conjuring tricks. They perform live… and this means that occasionally things go a bit awry. Thanks to Steven's coaching, the three learn to cope with this and to make their tricks and performance even better. For these aspiring conjurers, ‘Trix’ is ​​a huge baptism of fire. Until six months ago they had only ever performed for family or friends, and now they are playing to a full audience, with everything they do recorded by a camera crew.

‘Trix’ also follows Steven and Louise’s fictional love storyline. This extra layer makes the series more than just a reality programme about conjuring. It also inspires the four magicians - Steven, Lien, Leonard and Luca - to come up with tricks that tie into the bigger story.

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Original title



Season 1: 24x12' + 6 compilations (45')
Season 2: 24x12' + 6 compilations (45')


Reality with a dash of fiction

First broadcast

Jan 9, 2017

Broadcast period

Season 1: Q1 2017
Season 2: Q1 2018

Production company

Bonka Circus


Steven Delaere, Katrijn Van Bouwel, Kim Dèrvan, Luca Van De Vin, Lien Vansant & Leonard Wertelaers

Licensed by

Telenet - Flanders