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Tik Tak (original)

kids education ,  -3 ,  3-6

| 366 episodes | 5 min

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Generations of toddlers and pre-schoolers grew up with this program. And not just in Flanders. In thirty countries, from Australia to South Africa, little children enjoyed the ticking clock, the toddlers in action, the animal mosaic, the dancer, the book and all other features and characters.

Toddlers are fascinated by colour, movement, rhythm, music and interactivity. This programme capitalises on that, which is why it has been such a great success. The recurring short feature items meet children's need for regularity and ritual.


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Original title

Tik Tak


Program for todlers and pre-schoolers

First broadcast

Nov 1, 1981

Broadcast period

1981-1992 with several reruns in the following years

Production company


Licensed by

Tik Tak was sold to about 30 countries, among them Australia, Portugal, The Netherlands, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United States and South Africa. It is thus one of the biggest export products Belgian television has known.

Extra info

Contemporary adaptation Tik Tak 2.0 available too