kids fiction ,  9-12

4 seasons | 52 episodes | 26 min

available as ready made

#LikeMe tells the story of Caroline - 'Caro' to her friends - a young girl who lives happily with her parents in a remote village. As an only child, Caro has a unique bond with her mum and dad, she enjoys school, she has a nice bunch of friends, everything is going well for her... until disaster strikes. After a long period of struggling with her health, Caro's mother is told she has an aggressive form of cancer.

When Caro's mum’s health keeps getting worse and the distance between their home and the hospital becomes too big for her to bridge every day for treatment, the family is forced to leave behind everything that is familiar to them and to move to the city .

Caro says goodbye to all her friends, her school… and thus to her old life. This is the point at which her story really starts. After all, such dramatic events change more than just your home and your surroundings. For Caro everything changes, starting with her school. Caro’s first day at her new school is thus a decisive day in her teenage life. Not only has she ended up in a school full of strangers, she also has to start everything again from scratch: making new friends, navigating her way up high school’s tricky hierarchical ladder... In short, she is facing a huge challenge.

#LikeMe, a musical series that shows youngsters the lives of other youngsters in a unique and contemporary way.



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Original title



Each season is 13x26'


Youth / Comedy / Drama / Musical

Target group


First broadcast

Jan 13, 2019

Broadcast period

Season 1: Q1 2019

Season 2: Q1 2020

Season 3: Q1 2022

Season 4: Q1 2023

Production company

Fabric Magic


Thomas Van Goethem


Elias Mentzel


Mieke Verbelen & Thomas Van Goethem


Ann Van den Broeck, Jeroen Van Dyck, Gunter De Batselier, Sven De Ridder, Janine Bisschops, Pommelien Thijs, Joey Kwan, Francisco Schuster, Camille Dhont, Maksim Stojanac, Hugo Sigal, Vincent Banic, Danny Dorland & Sali Haidara

Licensed by

Telenet (Belgium)

Videoland (The Netherlands)

DR (Denmark)

France TV (France)

Amazon (Germany + UK)


Season 1: Average market share of 66% (4-12 y/o, Live+7)

Season 2: Average market share of 78% (4-12 y/o, Live+7)


Prix Jeunesse: nominated (2020)

International version

Episode 1-6 are available with English dub

All the songs will be available in English dub as well