kids fiction ,  9-12

2 seasons | 20 episodes | 25 min

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Youth series in which the eponymous simple peasant boy regularly turns the already bizarre life in a fairy-tale castle upside down… but always saves the day.

King Jozef holds a contest to find a husband for his cheeky daughter Prieeltje. The clever peasant boy Kulderzipken wins the contest, seemingly by chance. King Jozef is far from happy with this: he doesn’t want a peasant boy as his son-in-law. He therefore does all he can to get Kulderzipken out of his castle as quickly as possible. He is helped in this by the Devil's mother, who would rather see her son become the princess’s husband, but can’t manage to extinguish his embarrassing goodness. In each episode, Kulderzipken either has to complete a new task - often assisted by the Grimms, the two palace-lackey brothers, who besides being inventors are also cooks, porters, guards, secretaries and, in fact, the whole of the rest of the royal court - or deal with someone who has come to stir up trouble, usually with magical powers. In the second season, King Jozef gives the industrious Kulderzipken and the rebellious Prieel lessons in kingship.

This series was inspired by the story of Turandot.


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Original title



Season 1: 10x25'
Season 2: 10x30'



First broadcast

Oct 29, 1995

Production company



Dick Verbesselt (series 1) & Raf Verpooten (series 2)


Hugo Matthyssen


Michael Pas, Jan Decleir, Karin Tanghe, Ianka Fleerackers, Warre Borgmans, Lucas Van den Eynde, Marc Van Eeghem, Frans Van der Aa & Veerle Eyckermans

Licensed by

Telenet - Flanders