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Katie's calamaties

kids education ,  3-6

1 season | 50 episodes | 9 min

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'Katie's calamities' is a live action fiction series focusing on the development and imagination of preschoolers en todlers. They will be stimulated in their development, both on- and offline. 
Imagination is woven into all aspects of the program.

In every episode, Katie, Viktor and Kamiel are looking for creative solutions to recognizable everyday problems for 2 to 6 year olds. This stimulates not only childeren’s fantasy but also language skills and social-emotional (empathy, being angry and sad…) skills of toddlers.

'Katie's calamities' is part of Katie's world (see presentation in attachment), a fantasy world with a solid educational foundation. Other projects in this universe are 'Katie & buddies', 'Around the world with Katie', 'Katie's Theatre' and 'Katie and friends'.


Katie's calamaties

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Kathy Tralalère

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Katie's world

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Original title

Kaatjes Tralalaatjes

Target group

4 - 12 years

First broadcast

Sep 4, 2011

Broadcast period

First run from Q4 2011 till Q4 2012 with reruns till now

Production company



Sarah Van Geel, Dirk Verbeeck & Philippe Liekens

Licensed by

Videoland - The Netherlands
Telenet - Flanders

RTL - Belgium

Brand extensions

Succesfull merchandising program: DVD's, books, music, clothes, toothbrushes, sunscreen,...


Available versions

French dub: Kathy Tralalère