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Compilation S1 E1-4


kids fiction ,  9-12

3 seasons | 156 episodes | 12 min

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GoGoGo! is about seven teenagers living in Group 3 of the boarding school Campus Rozenborg. They are told that the sports department will be close unless they work together to win the Junior basketball derby. This turns out to become an impossible task, since they also have to include less athletic students in their 'Dreamteam' and director Lucy opposes them. It is especially a disaster for Kat, Joessef and Emma, who have the talent and ambition to make it as a top athlete. Luckily, they are supported by sports teacher Alec and dance coach Sofia.

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Original title



Season 1: 52x12' + 13 compilations (40'- 44')
Season 2: 52x12' + 13 compilations (40'- 44')
Season 3: 52x12' + 13 compilations (40'- 44')
3 specials (50')



Target group

7 - 12 years

First broadcast

Feb 3, 2014

Broadcast period

Season 1: Q1-Q2 2014
Season 2: Q1-Q2 2015
Season 3: Q1-Q2 2016

Production company



Ini Massez, Frances Lefebure, Maarten Goffin, Sara Gracia Santacreu, Kristof Verhassel, Joke De Bruyn, Hannes Vandersteene, Abigail Abraham, Dries De Vis & Charlotte Leysen

Licensed by

Telenet - Flanders