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Compilation S1 E1-4

The elf hill

kids fiction ,  9-12

3 seasons | 156 episodes | 12 min

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The rebellious elven prince Dagmar is banished from the magical in-between world (where the elves live) into the human world, where he has to learn to improve his life as a foster son of the Ranonkel family. But Dagmar is not sent to the human world for nothing, he has a secret mission, which has to do with a clubhouse, the Elf Hill, and the lost meteorite Oxus, the ancient power source of the elven magic. To complicate matters, he is not allowed to use his magical powers.

A modern fairy tale that will appeal to young and old.

Season 1

Dagmar, the elven prince, is 17. Because he finds his son’s behaviour spoilt and irresponsible, Dagmar’s father, King Zirkos, sends him to the human world. He ends up with a pleasantly eccentric host family: the Ranonkel family.
Dagmar anxiously tries to keep his identity secret, which is rather difficult when you have a pair of wings on your back. It soon turns out that Dagmar has actually been sent to the human world on an important mission and that he didn’t end up with the Ranonkels by chance...
Not far from the village there is a place that has been called 'The Elf Hill’ since time immemorial. And that's exactly where some local youngsters have set up their clubhouse of the same name.

What does this Elf Hill have to do with Dagmar's mission? And will he be able to bring his mission to a successful end?

Season 2

The rebellious crown prince from Season 1 is now a man with a mission. According to the oracle, Dagmar is the only one who can find the meteorite Oxus and thus save the Between World and all the elves from destruction. Luckily, he can rely on the help of Billy and Wiki, who have meanwhile found out his true identity. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones. When a rich wing collector gets his hands on Oxus, he offers Dagmar a deal: his freedom in exchange for the precious meteorite. Going against everyone’s advice, Dagmar leaves for the collector’s castle alone… with all the subsequent consequences.

Season 3

In the third and final series, we follow the further adventures of elven prince Dagmar and his human foster family and friends. Will the youngsters manage to keep their club house now that Elf ill Woods is about to be sold? And above all: will Dagmar and his friends find the magical meteorite Oxus?

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Original title

De elfenheuvel


The series
Season 1: 52x12' + 13 compilations (45')
Season 2: 52x12' + 13 compilations (45')
Season 3: 52x12' + 13 compilations (45')
The movies
The most remarkable scenes of each series are sumarised in a movie (1&2: each 50', 3: 60')


Magic teen series

Target group

7 - 12 years

First broadcast

Aug 28, 2011

Broadcast period

Season 1: Q3-Q4 2011
Season 2: Q1-Q2 2012
Season 3: Q1-Q2 2013

Production company



Gert Goovaerts


Niels Destadsbader, Kalina Malehounova, Leonard Muyle, Seppe Cosyns & Daphne Paelinck

Licensed by

Telenet - Flanders
Netflix - Belgium