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Dear Saint Nicholas

kids fiction ,  3-6 ,  6-9 ,  9-12

1 season | 20 episodes

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Every night, Saint Nicholas and Helper Pete collect children’s letters and drawings. In these letters, children often ask questions to get to know more about Nicholas and Pete.
Why do they take a boat to travel to Belgium? How old is Saint Nicholas, and what is written in his big book? What is his favorite dish? What should you do to prepare for the night he comes to visit?

While Saint Nicholas thinks very deeply about these questions, all kinds of strange and crazy things happen in his castle. That’s how we get to know a lot about him and his best friend, Helper Pete. We get to know his other friends as well, like his housekeeper Conchita, her husband professor Cleverclogs, and her niece Palomita.

More friends, like Ramon, the captains, Kneta Knieschijf and the Staff Keeper, also come and visit him once in a while. And his horse, Rainy Day, is standing in his kitchen, as usual.

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Original title

Dag Sinterklaas


20 x 15min.



First broadcast

Nov 16, 2019

Production company

Sylvester TV


Sylvester TV


Stijn Coninx
Frank Van Passel


Hugo Matthysen


Wim Opbrouck, Jonas Van Thielen, Els Dottermans, Nico Sturm
Pieter Embrechts, Evelien Bosmans, Tine Embrechts, Bart Hollanders,
Adriaan Van den Hoof, Warre Borgmans

Licensed by

Videoland - The Netherlands

Telenet - Belgium