Campus 12

kids fiction ,  9-12

3 seasons | 157 episodes | 11 min

available as ready made

One day, Bo De Smidt disappears without trace. Her twin brother, boxer Noah, seems to be the only person in the world who knows that Bo ever existed. No one can remember Bo and Noah cannot find a single memento as a reminder of her. Noah is nearly losing his mind. Where is Bo? And why is everyone acting as if she never existed?

During his search, he comes across Sam. Sam is not exactly Noah's best friend and on top of that, he actually turns out to be Bo's secret sweetheart. He's the only person who also misses Bo and actually remembers that she ever existed. The two boys are opposites, but have no choice other than to search for the missing girl, together. After all, everyone else thinks they are mad.

Noah is really put to the test when he, just like Sam, has strange dreams. It turns out that the key to the mystery surrounding Bo is linked to the theatre owned by the elitist Vincke family on the ‘other side’ of town. For the ‘common’ boxing family of Noah, the theatre is an absolute no-go area. The two families hate each other. However, Noah discovers that the hatred that exists between the two opposing worlds of boxing versus theatre and singing, is simply motivated by prejudice and that those worlds have a lot more in common than might first appear.


International folder Campus 12

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Original title

Campus 12


Season 1: 53x11' (13x40' available too)

Season 2: 52x11' (13x40' available too)

Season 3: 52x11' (13x40' available too)


Available online content

Vlogs by the main character (15x8'), (p)review by Sam & Emilie (13x6'), boxing tutorials (8x3') & web series (26x5')


Open ended / Mystery / Urban soap

Target group


First broadcast

Sep 3, 2018

Broadcast period


Production company

Studio 100


Frank Voorbogt, Sofie Buytaert & Arzu Cetinkaya


Gert-Jan Booy, Samir Devedžić & Damien Nieuborg


Idea & Story

Gert Verhulst, Hans Bourlon, Anja Van Mensel, Sven Duym & Bjorn van den Eynde


Anja Van Mensel, Sven Duym, Bjorn van den Eynde, Annelies Van de Woestyne, Elke Degezelle & Lisa Van Melkebeke


Mathias Sercu, Hilde De Baerdemaeker, Jasper Heyman, Bünyamin Yürük, Lennart Lemmens, Nina Rey, Jelisa van Schijndel, Naomi Janssens & Pieter Casteleyn

Licensed by

NRK - Norway

RAI - Italy

Canal+ - France and French territories

DR - Denmark

NPO - The Netherlands

Extra info

Folder with the storylines and a description of the characters available upon request

Licenced to The Netherlands (NPO)


International version

French, Norwegian and Italian dub available 

Some episodes are available in English