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Compilation S1 E1-4


kids fiction ,  9-12

4 seasons | 192 episodes | 13 min

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4eVer follows the ups and downs of four friends and their families. The families differ in composition and background, but the four friends - Emma, Lore, Gamil and Robin, who follow the same studies at school or share the same hobby - are closer than many brothers and sisters. Their characters and temperaments are different, but they are bound by three powerful ties: their friendship, their interfamily relationship, and their shared neighbourhood. 

The youngsters and their families have lots of fun, but they are also confronted with various difficult moments, problems and setbacks. Topics covered include lovesickness, insecurity, LGB parents, foster care, bullying at school, living in a reconstituted family, media literacy, poverty, depression, discrimination and the attacks of March 2016. One particularly exciting storyline follows the burglary of Emma's family home. But things aren’t all doom and gloom. Friendship and love put everything back into balance and so there’s also lots of laughing in 4eVeR. In short: this is life as it is. 

4eVeR also makes full use of social media and digital applications. The teenagers often communicate with each other through a group app. The viewers can follow this during the episodes (in split screen). But even when 4eVer is not broadcasted, the youngsters remain active on the app, and that can also be followed via and the Ketnet app. Those who follow the chat conversations – added with extra videos and images - online, discover more about the stories going on in the series itself.


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Original title



Season 1: 48x13'+ 12 compilations (44'- 49')
Season 2: 48x13'+ 12 compilations (44'- 49')
Season 3: 48x13'+ 12 compilations (45'- 49')
Season 4: 48x13'+ 12 compilations (48')


Realistic fiction

Target group

9 - 12 years

First broadcast

Jan 8, 2017

Expected broadcast

Season 4: Q4 - 2018

Broadcast period

Season 1: Q1 2017
Season 2: Q4 2017
Season 3: Q1 2018

Production company

ScheMa Producties


Sofie Bulckens, Rani Van Damme, Aaron Blommaert & Amir Motaffaf

Licensed by

Telenet - Flanders