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Crazy cake

kids entertainment

1 season | 32 episodes | 20 min

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In ‘Crazy Cake’ baker Marcel challenges children and their grandparents to compete in his crazy quiz. In each of its 32 episodes, Marcel welcomes two new duos to his bakery. The winning duo goes home with a delicious prize: a year of free cake. The grandparent of the losing duo slides into a super-sized bowl full of Marcel's craziest (and gooiest) cake mix.

In each of the four rounds, cooperation between grandparent and grandchild is central. What can they learn from each other and how can they complement each other’s strengths? In the exciting finale, it’s essential to keep a cool head… because when Marcel quizzes the duos, grandfather or grandmother is already on the slippery slope into the cake mix. Their fate is completely in the hands of their grandchildren!

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Original title

Oude taart


Episodes: 32x20´


Quiz with a crazy twist

Target group

7 - 12 years

First broadcast

Oct 12, 2015

Broadcast period

Q4 2015

Production company


Licensed by

Telenet - Flanders