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Cheese sandwich

kids entertainment

2 seasons | 32 episodes | 13 min

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A farm-fresh cookery-based game show, in which a young chef prepares almost everything… except for a cheese sandwich.

In each edition of 'Cheese sandwich' our cook is challenged by a youngster with a specific culinary question. Ably assisted by a presenter, he then sets to work. One day they make paella, the next day fruit carpaccio, the next day a beef steak…

They thus prepare the most varied dishes. But whether they are successful hangs in the balance, because at an unexpected moment the cook always has to include a surprise ingredient in the dish. 'Cheese sandwich' is therefore not only instructive, but also exciting. At the end of the programme, the youngster in question gets to choose: either the dish that has been prepared... or a cheese sandwich.

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Original title

Broodje kaas


Season 1: 32x13´
Season 2: 32x13´


Cooking show 

Target group

7 - 12 years

First broadcast

Sep 1, 2014

Broadcast period

Season 1: Q4 2014
Season 2: Q1 2015

Production company



Ketnet cook Hannes Deryckere and Ketnet presenter Maureen Vanherberghen