9 seasons | 120 episodes | 55 min

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After his wife cheats on him with his superior, Detective Chief Superintendent Witse leaves Brussels to start a new life in Halle. His idiosyncratic character and investigative technique often cause clashes with his new colleagues.

Quirky and determined, Witse gets presented with the most diverse murder cases. He and his team of detectives and officers from the homicide squad of the Federal Criminal Investigation Service, do whatever it takes to solve these crimes… Sometimes with greater personal fallout than anticipated.

‘Witse’ was one of the best viewed TV programmes in Flanders with an average audience of more than 1,500,000 viewers and a 58% market share. The Netherlands (AVROTROS) licensed all 9 seasons, the ratings and feedback there were great.

In 2014, a few years after the last broadcast, a feature film version 'W.' was produced. This stilled the hunger of ‘Witse’ fans and rounded off the series nicely.

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Original title



9 seasons of 13 episodes (50'- 60')
3 episodes of the mini-series (45')



First broadcast

Jan 11, 2004

Broadcast period

Series 1-9: from 2004 till 2011
Mini-series (3 episodes): 2014

Production company



Ward Hulselmans


Hubert Damen, Daan Hugaert, Mark Stroobants, Dirk Tuypens, Wouter Hendrickx (S1 - S3), Tine Van den Brande (S1 - S2), Inge Paulussen (S3 - S7) & Viv Van Dingenen (S7 - S9)

Licensed by

NPO - The Netherlands

Videoland - The Netherlands
Telenet - Flanders


2006 - Best Television Series at European Film Festival Brussels  

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