Sense of tumour

fiction drama ,  comedy ,  romance

1 season | 8 episodes | 55 min

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Tristan Devriendt has spent the last 6 years studying medicine, pragmatically splitting it into theory at the bar and anatomy under the sheets. During his internship in the Neurosurgery Department, he is favourably noticed by the brilliant surgeon Mercier, who, in his turn, notices a tumour in Tristan's nose. Suddenly, Tristan is no longer a brilliant med student, but a cancer patient.

Everyone around Tristan responds differently, ranging from dramatically crying their eyes out to nervously bursting out laughing. Tristan refuses to give up his ambitious goals ans intends to pick up the thread of his old life as soon as possible, casually trying to squeeze 25 radiation sessions and 6 chemo courses into his schedule. However, he soon learns that things are far tougher than he imagined.

Sharing a room with an older man with a giant brain tumour, freezing your sperm, unstoppable vomiting sessions... Tristan's hospital stay differs dramatically from the time he was living it up there as an intern who flirted with all the female assistants.

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Original title

Gevoel voor tumor


Tragicomic fiction

First broadcast

Mar 18, 2018

Production company

Sylvester Productions & VRT


Tom Goris


Leander Verdievel, Mathias Claeys and Tom Goris


Maarten Nulens, Els Dottermans, Dirk Van Dijck, Marthe Schneider, Barbara Sarafian, Liesa Naert & Vic De Wachter

Licensed by

NPO & Videoland (The Netherlands), Netflix & M7 (Belgium & The Netherlands), RTBF (Belgium), Salto (France)

Remake in Czech Republic (Czech TV)

Option for remake in India and France


Average market share (Live+7) of 42.8% (4+) or 35.3% (18-44)


Award for best European Fiction Series of the Year at Prix Europa 2018

Selected for INPUT 2019

Nominated for C21 International Drama Awards (non-English drama) 2018